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At Upstage Center of Performing Arts, we offer Foundation and Competition level classes in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, contemporary and acrobatics.  All dancers are welcome to participate in the spring showcase.  We accept dancers ages 2.5 and up.   Classes with parent/caregiver coming soon. 

To accommodate our current situation, you may choose to attend your dance class via zoom rather than coming in-house.  Zoom links are posted in the studio's BAND app for current students.  To sign-up for virtual classes, please click on the "register" button or contact us at

If you have questions about class placement, please contact us for a trial class pass! 


Creative Movement: This is a 30-minute class for students 18 months through 2.5 years old.  Parent/Guardian/caregiver participation is required in this class Participants will gain an understanding of the classroom setting through creative movement, songs, games, and the use of props.

3/4-year-old combination class: An hour-long, Creative Movement, Ballet, and Acrobatics/Tumbling class.  Students will be introduced to basic ballet technique as well as exploring the dance space through interactive dance songs and games with Creative Movement.  This class also includes tumbling on mats.

5/6/7-year-old combination class:  An hour-long, Ballet and Tap class.  Students will be introduced to basic ballet and tap technique as well as develop existing knowledge of these two genres

Open classes:  Intended for students ages 8-12 years and offer instruction in a variety of genres, including, ballet, tap, lyrical, jazz, hip hop, and contemporary.   

Teen Jazz and Tap  Class:   (Ages 13 and up) Students will develop an understanding of technique based movements, in both genres, through exercises, combinations, and choreography.

Ballet classes:   Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels allow students to focus on technique as well as progress into pointe work.  Students with prior experience should contact the studio for placement prior to registration.  Returning students should refer to their end of season progress report for class placement.  

Acrobatic:   we teach the Acrobatic Arts Curriculum, which works through progressions to allow students to master skills and advance through specified levels.  Students will progress in levels individually as they demonstrate mastery of the required skills.  This program is designed to promote excellence in flexibility, strength, limbering, tumbling, basic contortion, and partner/group stunting for dancers.

Competition Team Classes: Placement will be based on an audition/teacher assessment.  Students must participate in a Ballet level class to compete and may not compete in a Solo/Duet/Trio without participation in at least one competitive level group dance.  Please see the competition contract for further information.

Registration and recital fees are non-refundable, including any partial payments.  Costume fees, full or partial payments,  are also non-refundable.  Students who have paid their costume fees in full and withdraw from class may pick up their costume from the studio. Costumes will be held for 2 weeks after recital and then donated to charity.  If a costume has not been paid in full, it will become property of the studio until the balance is paid.  


Tuition- 30 days notice to withdraw from class.  Parents/paying party are responsible for the amount of tuition for 30 days.   $25 cancellation fee will apply.  Absences/failure to attend classes does not mean a child has withdrawn.  Tuition payments will continue to be charged until written notification.   


Competition team - team fees, costume fees and private lesson fees are non-refundable.  Fees paid toward a competition event are also non-refundable.   Policy regarding registration and recital fee refunds also apply to competition team, regardless of reason for dropping pr removal from the team.  

Refund and Withdrawal Policy
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