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Welcome to the Magical World of Discover Dance for Preschoolers!

In our preschool classes at Upstage Center of Performing Arts, we follow the engaging and imaginative Discover Dance program. Designed specifically for our little dancers, this program focuses on the exploration of dance concepts, fostering a love for movement, and building a strong foundation for future dance education.

At Upstage, we believe that dance is more than just executing steps; it's about developing a well-rounded dancer who truly understands the art of movement. Our dedicated instructors create a nurturing environment where preschoolers can freely express themselves and unleash their creativity.

Through the Discover Dance program, we embark on a captivating journey filled with discovery, storytelling, and the magic of movement. Your child will have the opportunity to explore the quality of movement, delve into the world of props, and build their dance vocabulary. We introduce these concepts through various dance styles, including ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and acrobatics.  To further enhance your child's dance experience, we communicate the concepts we explore in class through newsletters, coloring sheets, and at-home activity suggestions.

By encouraging imagination and self-expression, our preschool classes not only enhance motor skills but also promote cognitive development and social interaction. Your child will gain confidence, coordination, and an appreciation for the artistry of dance.

Join us on this enchanting adventure as we dance, laugh, and learn together. Our nurturing instructors are passionate about providing a joyful and educational experience for your little one. Watch as their love for dance blossoms, and witness their growth as they become well-rounded dancers who understand the magic of movement.

Enroll your child in our preschool Discover Dance class today and let their dance journey begin!


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