Students will complete school work done in a supervised setting as well as participate in some enrichment activities. Students will practice social distancing and all safety protocols already in place at the studio. Students would provide their own materials and devices needed for the school day, including lunch and snacks.. Space is limited to our current capacity of 8 students per room. Enrichment breaks may include yoga, stretching, crafts, dance, and journaling.  Academy will follow CMS calendar for holidays and teacher workdays.  
In accordance with health department guidelines, students are asked to commit to one month minimum so we can protect the health and well being of staff and participants.

Need half-day or drop-in? 

Please contact us at 

Sample Kids Academy Schedule:

7:30 AM  - Arrival, check in, morning activity

8:00 AM - Arts Enrichment

8:30 AM - Reading 

9:00 AM - Instructional Time

10:00 AM - Brain Break/Snack

10:30 AM - Instructional Time

11:15 AM - Break

11:30 AM - Instructional Time

12:00 PN- Lunch

12:30 PM  - Yoga/Stretch or Outdoor activity weather permitting

1:00 PM - Assignment completion/quiet time

1:30- Arts Enrichment

2:00 - Journaling/individual activity

2:30 - Wingman Leadership activity

3:00 - Arts Enrichment

4:00- Group Games

4:30 PM - Clean up, prepare for dismissal

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